Gospel of Christ, Phase 2 Pre-Order Redemption Collectible Card Game

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The 2022 expansion release for Redemption CCG, the Gospel of Christ card set.  The set will be released in two Phases.

Each card box contains five (5) Gospel of Christ cards and five (5) cards from the decks I, J or RoA tin # 26.

5 cards from I & J Starter and RoA set #26
5 cards from GoC (4 common or legacy rare and 1 of either rare, UR or UR+)
Each Display box will include 1 UR or UR+ card.

There are a total of 128 unique Gospel of Christ cards for Phase 2.

Phase 2 will release in late July of 2022 at the Redemption National Tournament.

These will come in TeP packaging. Packs will be labeled on the front GoC Phase 2.